We keep our product information and results publicly but at the same time with minimal exposure. And we are one of the leading companies providing research processes merged processes tactical and operational intelligence with added value.

Our products are and can be used for global and specific cyber-criminal investigations but also to traditional criminal activities used in the first instance, information technology as a means of attracting to commit unlawful acts, allowing our customers to focus on aspects law of cyber-crime if they deem necessary.

MalwareIntelligence Samples Report

MISAR is an advanced solution that enables intelligence on malicious code surpassing the usual gap around traditional malware analysis. Provide information of value and interest with respect to a given malware threat but sideline and inherent stage of static and dynamic analysis technical aspects.

This platform of malware analysis and intelligence has an open public version to the community by providing collective intelligence. And a private version that ensures complete confidentiality for specific sectors such as private companies, banks, government and military / law enforcement agencies. In this way, we can channel the same problem but from different perspectives. It is "Malware Analysis for Intelligence and Research".

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MalwareIntelligence Threat Research Analysis Service

MITRAS is an advanced and innovative intelligence platform that enables our customers to maintain lines of research on time and over time, get a concrete view on the potential threats and channel studied obtaining information of value and interest more beyond the traditional.

Detailed reports on potential threats and actual characterize this service. Without neglecting the analysis of malware, tracking and monitoring of cyber-criminal activities, sociocultural Intelligence (SOCINT), Offensive Intelligence (OFFINT) and other resources that result in intelligence analysis and reporting for our clients. It's "Cyber​​-Intelligence and Research to Protect Your Business".

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MalwareIntelligence Threat Intelligence Platform

A complete suite of innovative solutions for monitoring and tracking information for the production of intelligence in the short and long term that allows our customers both with basic knowledge, resources and advanced regarding cyber-crime conduct their own research through its expert teams.

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MalwareIntelligence Threat Alert Monitor

Lets learn efficiently and effectively what malware or spear-phishing attack are schemes aimed at breaking up your business or use of the image of your business as a strategy for global strike and/or directed.

Alert Monitor for Threath Intelligence allows disclose any potential attempt to effectuate an intrusion by employees of any rank within your company. Including attack targets in senior management.

His team of security experts or IT department can continuously receive relevant information about the potential threat that could affect them as cyber-crime unit release it as part of a strategy of attack. Effective alert to prevent attacks effectively.

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