Privacy Policy

In MalwareIntelligence we are fully aware of the concerns of our customers and visitors regarding privacy of data entrusted to us. That is why we consider important transparency around information processing. Even the information obtained through the research process and intelligence in which we directly or indirectly intervention.

To this end and in order to maximize the transparency, we must be aware that the privacy policy is subject to natural changes as it ages. These changes will be reflected at the bottom of this same page and, if considered necessary based on the importance of updates and impact that this could eventually cause clients and visitors may be notified through our online resources or by use of email.

This privacy statement is applicable to the website and any other web site owned by MalwareIntelligence. As for third party links that may appear in this web site, MalwareIntelligence is not responsible for the privacy policy or treatment of exposed information contained in third party websites.

Please take a few minutes to learn about our philosophy in terms of privacy that are embodied in this document and always keep in mind that if for some reason you think we are somehow altering their right to privacy, please feel complete freedom contact us via the contact page and ask the questions and opinions that it considers necessary and appropriate. We will gladly try to answer and clarify any concerns.

Personal Information

The information will be treated in accordance with international laws and MalwareIntelligence only be limited to use only in those cases that operative business or improve services to customers and visitors needed to contact you. In cases where MalwareIntelligence detect malicious actions on their public or private resources that may affect business continuity, it will use legal and technological tools necessary to ensure the health of resources, business continuity, continuity of services and research processes for customers and users can continue to make legitimate and responsible use thereof.

MalwareIntelligence may use your personal information in cases under court order or required to do so at any time that justice demands. Also to enforce the terms stipulated for the responsible use of services offered, to protect our rights and the rights of direct customers.

Also, the personal information you submit to MalwareIntelligence to receive information about products and/or services will be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Comments on social networking and blog

Any information you share through MalwareIntelligence public resources could be used by malicious users to malicious purposes. Therefore never expose personal information through public resources. MalwareIntelligence is not responsible for personal information you choose to submit through their public channels and free access for visitors and customers, and how it is used by others.

Thus, we consider that any information you put into public resources MalwareIntelligence not be considered confidential. You can leave comments and provide other content so long as the content does not provide vocabulary defamatory, threatening, obscene words or illegal content. As well as any other information that would invade the privacy or intellectual property of a third party. Even MalwareIntelligence.

Data on children

MalwareIntelligence not collect information from minors under the laws that protect the rights of children. In cases where the data record is needed from our website such as forms, contact etc., we will delete any information that we detect is related to minors as soon as possible.

When for reasons of research, information for minors who might be falling victim to some form of computer crime or offense conventional physical originated from a technological abuse and using the Internet as a means of attack or capture, is committed to providing MalwareIntelligence information and evidence necessary to the security forces for law and appropriate legal action under laws dictate taken. Under no other perspective MalwareIntelligence share information of minors with third parties, except where the requirements mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph occurs.

Cookies and other recordable data

MalwareIntelligence may use cookies to improve the quality of their services and improve the experience of visitors and customers throughout the time you are on the website. Please note that cookies are files that store reference information related to the activities that you have undertaken in MalwareIntelligence website and are stored by the browser to remember your preferences for future visits. If desired, you can disable the functionality of cookies from your browser at any time.

It is also important to know that each time you access our website, automated way related to the technology you are using to access our resources, as well as their activity during the time displayed through the data we recorded website. Do not worry! It's not personal or sensitive information and it is only used for statistical purposes. To have a better idea, some of the data that we collect are automated your IP address, user-agent of the browser you are using, name and version of the browser and the reference used to reach the website MalwareIntelligence is the case that there was.

Remember that if you have suggestions or feel MalwareIntelligence is not meeting the privacy practices set out in this policy, you may contact and send your comments via the contact page.

The last review, update and/or amend this policy was on April 25, 2014.

If you have questions regarding this policy or the use of certain services, please feel free to contact us through our contact page.